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What is High Pressure Drain Jetting?

Drain CleaningWater jetting equipment uses a high-pressure water jet to remove debris or obstructions and clear drains. This equipment operates at up to 25,000 psi, which is enough power to cut fingers. For this reason, it is the preferred method for clearing obstructions in sewer drains, especially those caused by tree roots.

The high-pressure water jet offers a very efficient, economical and environmentally friendly method of unblocking drains. It is very popular and commonly used because it offers brilliant results. Used for rainwater drains and sewer jetting, it easily removes blockages caused by household waste, tree roots and other debris.

Regular use of a high-pressure water jet helps keep sewers and storm drains free of obstructions, thus reducing the likelihood of further problems and certainly helping to prevent major blockages. The maintenance jetter is especially useful if there are trees on your property that frequently encroach on the pipes. If you don’t treat regularly, they will cause further damage and cost more to remedy.

What can high-pressure jetting do?

The Emergency Plumbing London has a wide selection of high pressure drain cleaning systems: we have combination and recycle units, urban combination units and portable coils. Whatever your drainage difficulty, our team of qualified technicians has the skills and tools to solve it, as well as offering guidance on how to avoid future ones.

High pressure jets are used to remove blockages from pipes and drains, but they are also useful for blockages in drains, down spouts, pipes, water tanks, septic tanks, cesspools, and siphons. Areas between 80 and 2500 mm in diameter can be cleaned with high-pressure water.

Cleaning of blocked drains in companies

The Emergency Plumbing London offers a range of services for general maintenance and also for emergency drain obstructions. Sewerage and stormwater systems are critical and expensive items, so it is important to take care of them. We use CCTV to identify problems and find blockages, measure drains and map these commercial assets.

Managing building infrastructure is crucial, and reducing the risk of the inconvenience and damage that clogged drains can cause must always be considered. Clogging commercial drains is an excellent preventive maintenance process that not only prevents difficulties, but can also save a lot of money in the long run.

The jet drain cleaning process

The process of cleaning pipes and drains is relatively simple. A call to our service involves obtaining as much information about the difficulty as possible. Once a qualified expert is on site, the situation is analysed to determine the next steps.

The drains are inspected with highly specialised CCTV cameras to locate the point of blockage and assess any damage to the pipes. The before-and-after view is shared with the customer so they can see the results.

Jet drain cleaning and pipe lining

After the process of sandblasting the drain, another option to consider is lining the pipes to increase their strength, repair cracks and minimise further clogging. This is a fantastic option if the pipes are in relatively good condition, as they will last many more years and you will not need to consider the costly and destructive option of replacing them.

A special drainage sheath is prepared by making the necessary dimensions and applying a unique resin. The sheath is passed through the holes in the pipe and then adjusted to fit properly.

The sheath is then inflated and held in place until it hardens. The end result is smooth, strong pipes that last for many years. The only drawback is that you can not use it on severely damaged pipes. Our drain cameras can inspect your pipes to see if backing is a viable option for you.

The advantages are that the process is quick, requires no excavation, makes your pipes 100% leak-proof and stronger than before, and is cheaper than pipe replacement. In addition, we offer a lifetime guarantee on coatings. We can talk about drain cleaning services. Call us!

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