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How to fix a toilet that flushes by itself

overflowing toilet london [568x370]A toilet that starts on its own wastes water and results in higher utility bills. A simple leak test can confirm that in most cases, the flapper above the drain at the bottom of the tank is the culprit. If the flapper is worn or deformed, it may not seal properly, allowing water to enter the bowl. In this case, the water level in the tank will drop and the fill valve will operate to refill the tank. If the flapper is broken, you should not call a plumber right away. This is an inexpensive and simple solution, even if you are not a plumber.

Check for leaks

Lift off the lid of the toilet tank and carefully place it on a towel. If you use chlorine tablets or other disinfectants that stain the water, remove them from the tank.  After the last flush, wait until the tank fills with water and the fill valve is turned off.

Check the water in the bowl after a while. If the water has a red tint, that means that you need to replace the baffle plate.

Replacing the flapper

Turn the water supply valve, usually located behind and to the left of the toilet bowl, clockwise until it closes. Flush the toilet to empty the tank. There may still be some water at the bottom of the tank, but it shouldn’t bother you.

Remove the old flapper and take it with you to get the correct replacement flapper. Most hardware, plumbing and home improvement stores carry flaps.

Install the new flap to match the existing model. On one model, you will need to slide the flap down to the bottom of the overflow pipe. The other model has eyelets on the sides of the flap that hook into two pins at the bottom of the overflow tube. If you purchased a universal flap and the old flap has ears, you will need to cut off the round ring on the new flap before you install it.

Attach the chain to the flapper and to the flush handle. Adjust the chain so that it has a little slack, but not too much. If the chain has too little slack, the flapper will not seal properly and water will run into the bowl. If there is too much slack, the flapper will close too soon and you will have to hold the handle down until the toilet is completely flushed. Readjust the chain if necessary to make sure the flapper is working properly.

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