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Plumbing work in London

Repair of single lever mixer shower faucets

Turn off the water supply to the shower. To do this, you will probably need to turn off the main water supply to the house.

Remove the handle of the mixer faucet. The handle is held in place by a screw located either under a screw cover on the front of the handle or by a small set screw on the side or bottom of the handle. Remove the screw cover by carefully prying it open with a flathead screwdriver and removing it.

Pull off the chrome stop tube, if present. Remove the front plate of the mixing valve. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws, then pull off the cover plate.

Remove the cartridge. There are different types of cartridges depending on the brand of faucet. Some cartridges are held in place by a round metal ring that you must unscrew counterclockwise to remove. Others have a key that can be removed by pulling it out vertically.

Insert a replacement cartridge of the same type. Reattach the handle and screw cover.

Turn on the water in the shower and turn the handle off and on several times to check that everything is working well.

To repair a leaking two-handle kitchen faucet

Turn off the faucet and open both valves to relieve water pressure.

Break the cap off one of the handles with a flathead screwdriver. Loosen the screw underneath with a Phillips screwdriver to remove the handle. If the handle is a cylindrical lever, you may need to unscrew the lever to access the screw.

Loosen the nut holding the valve with adjustable pliers, or loosen the screws holding it with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the valve out. If it is a compression valve, turn it over and unscrew the washer on its end.

Pull the rubber seals and springs out of the inlet holes in the valve seat if it is a cartridge valve. You can usually do this with a flathead screwdriver. Replace them with new seals and springs.

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