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Most common plumbing mistakes that DIYers make

Unblocking Your Blocked Drains In LondonOver-tightening connections

The first DIY mistake is overtightening utility lines, pipes and fittings, and toilet bolts.  You risk cracking the fitting, If you crank too hard on a galvanized pipe. The crack may not occur immediately, but the excessive force can break the fitting weeks later and cause flooding.

Overtorquing plastic fittings on toilet and faucet supply lines is even more common. It doesn’t take that much torque to seal a supply pipe. If you overtighten hex nuts, they will eventually break and leak. Also, overtightening the toilet cabinet bolts at the base or between the bowl and tank can cause cracks in the porcelain and destroy the toilet.

Backward wound thread tape or use of the wrong tape

PTFE thread tape (commonly called Teflon tape) must be wrapped clockwise around the thread to work properly. However, many DIYers wind it backwards so that the tape unwinds from the thread when the fitting is tightened. This defeats the whole purpose of the thread tape, as it can’t seal if it’s not embedded in the threads.

Here’s a tip for proper wrapping: Wrap around the threads three times, with the last wrap pointing to the left as you screw the pipe into the fitting. If that last wrap points to the right, stop and re-wrap.

Using drain cleaners as the first choice

The easiest way to clear clogs in the kitchen and bathroom is to use a snake or barbed drain cleaning tool. Or you can simply remove the trap and pour out the clog. But too many DIYers reach for the liquid drain cleaner first and pour in much more than the recommended amount. This is a mistake, because liquid drain cleaner is not the best choice and more is certainly not better. In fact, liquid drain cleaner can cause more problems than it solves.

Tackle plumbing issues without replacement parts

Don’t buy just a cartridge or washer for a faucet repair. But if the washer or cartridge is worn out, it’s likely that other parts of the faucet are worn out as well. If you don’t also replace the stem seal and O-rings when you replace the washer or cartridge, you’ll likely end up with a leaky faucet. That means a second trip to the hardware store and another disassembly/reassembly of the faucet.

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